Apocalypse Weird – Or – Something Weird Happened on my Holiday Break

I know, I know – I made some promises, the new Cameron Kincaid, Templar Force, the new Sci fi Novel, Planes Drifter, yeah, that’s in edit, and the Dystopian Fantasy Der Monde, I promised that too. But something weird happened during the Holiday Break.
AW_Transpaerent-LogoWhat’s that? You Say! Apocalypse Weird?

Yeah – Thats right. Apocalypse Weird is the twisted brain child of a few author friends of mine – Nick Cole (Soda Pop Soldier) and Michael Bunker (Pennsylvania) are two you may know.  They (along with some other talented artist friends) decided to create Wonderment Media to do something far out and experimental.  The Apocalypse Weird project is a collaborative endeavor.  Some incredible speculative fiction authors have been brought together to be ‘World Authors’ and each has their own slant on how their part of the world will end, some say in fire, some say in ice, it’s all golden good and it’s all weird.

redkingAnd over the Holiday break yours truly was invited to join the party. So it’s on. You can read about my contribution to the project -The Blue Prince – below.  But first let me tell you why I put Drifter and Templar on hold for this. You see each of these authors in the Apocalypse Weird Universe are ‘World-Building’ in their own sand box. Nick Cole (Soda Pop Soldier) started the party in Southern California with The Red King (available for free here),  Kim Wells (Mariposa) is wreaking havoc in NOLA and Forbes West (Nighthawks at the Mission) has had his way with the Florida Keys.  And these aren’t just different flavors of the same Apocalypse, OH NO, each has it’s own Weird Apocalyptic – WAIT – no spoilers.  Their novels are coming later this year along with a slew of others – my Apocalypse Weird novel – The Blue Prince – will be available in July.  But you don’t have to wait to start loading up on the Digital Destruction.

On February 23rd Five more novels are joining the party.

TexocalypseApocalypse Weird: Texocalypse Now by Michael Bunker and Nick Cole
Central Texas. Mayhem, is orchestrating the hero eradication project. But he better look underground.

Apocalypse Weird: Reversal by Jennifer Ellis
Sasha Wood arrives at the international research station on Ellesmere Island to investigate the recent resurgence of Arctic pack ice. The polar bears have grown increasingly aggressive and crafty in the past few years, but the station caretaker, Soren Anderson seems more than attractive enough to make up for the dangers. An inexplicable and temporary blindness leaves three researchers lost in a blizzard, and leads to the escape of all the sled dogs. When everyone can see again, all of the station compasses and GPS units say north is south, the station has been cut off from the outside world, and giant craters filled with methane are starting to appear all over the island.

Sasha and Soren endeavor to rescue the dogs and find the other researchers and are pursued by demons, polar bears, and rogue researchers. When Vincent Robinson, the caretaker for the Antarctic research station, inexplicably arrives on their doorstep, they know the world has been turned upside down—literally and figuratively. Sasha and Soren try desperately to unravel the mysteries of the island and Sasha learns that Soren has secrets of his own. And all the while the only radio signal they can get is a woman named Helga Murgo calling again and again for all polar champions to go to a town in the desert.

Apocalypse Weird: Serenity Strain by Chris Pourteau
Houston, Texas: the epicenter of an Apocalypse both natural and unnatural. Three hurricanes wreak unprecedented devastation on the Texas Gulf Coast. Amidst the anarchy left in the wake of the storms, six prisoners–the genetically altered test subjects for a viral strain known as Serenity–escape the state prison in Huntsville. Their hunger for murder and destruction gorges itself on society’s survivors. One being of immense power and wanton appetites arrives to oversee the destruction of mankind and morality. Her name is Id.
Apocalypse Weird: The White Queen by David Parish-Whittaker
A retelling of the legend of King Arthur with zombified knights of the round table…

Apocalypse Weird: The Dark Knight, WYRD Book 2 (The sequel to The Red King) by Nick Cole

Here are some important sites for more information and insight into the Apocalypse Weird Universe:

The Official Apocalypse Weird Web Site
Apocalypse Weird Facebook Fan Page
A list of other Apocalypse Weird Stories Releasing this Year and the Brilliant Authors creating them
+ Insights from the mysterious Doctor Midnite
The Apocalypse Weird Teaser Trailer
The Red King, the first book in the Apocalypse Weird Universe. Get it, it’s free!
An interview with Nick Cole, Apocalypse Weird visionary.
+ The artwork of M. S. Corley Apocalypse Weird Cover Artist.
+ The artwork of Ben Adams Apocalypse Weird Artist At Large.

And here’s a bit about The Blue Prince – my contribution to the Apocalypse Weird Universe due out in July

In 1904 Nikola Tesla set out to prove that his three hundred foot Tesla Tower could wirelessly transmit power from the high cliffs of Shoreham, Long Island, to Manhattan sixty miles away, and then ultimately worldwide. The experiment began with a deafening hum, the walls began to vibrate, the odor of ozone soaked the air, and arcs of blue lightning streaked from the 50 ton steel sphere topping the towering electrical coil, ionizing the atmosphere, and triggering the birth of a mammoth deep purple super cell shelf cloud directly above. As the hum peaked to crescendo, the massive dark cloud sucked into itself and the power of the tower went dead, prompting those at the time to believe the experiment failed.

One hundred and eleven years later, the humongous deep purple super cell cloud materialized far above the Empire State Building, in a sky already darkened from an oncoming storm, and with it, the acrid odor of ozone, the arcs of electric blue lighting, like those that had emanated from Tesla’s Coil, and something more.

From the spire of the tall landmark building, a cascade of power bubbled, visibly rippled the air, and then with explosive speed, expanded, and sending a tremor through midtown, across the island of Manhattan, and into the Boroughs beyond, blinding everyone in its path and leaving in its wake, havoc on the electrical grid and physical infrastructure, founts of water erupting from shattered hydrants, throngs of blinded panicked tourists electrocuted by the flaring explosions in Times Square, subway trains derailed above ground and below, and blossoming beneath the huge saucer sized cloud, the East and Hudson rivers, and the Harbor, long monstrous tentacles. In the misting parks, hideous, primitive, giant slug like creatures appeared, and throughout the city, people blinded by the Event, are plagued by swarms of flying ribbon eels, with wide razor jaws.

Above ground the rain of the oncoming storm begins, and below, in the deepest, darkest, dankest, section of the city, large fist sized amoeba have appeared, that are hungry, hunting, and with each rat they consume, growing, slowly oozing their way up toward the devastated surface.


Mrs. Johnson’s Blues – Let Mrs. Johnson be your Muse

Mrs. Johnson’s Blues – Let Mrs. Johnson be your Muse
My review of Mrs. Johnson’s Blues by Kim Wells
Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 5.03.39 PMThis story is fine example of what can be done with a small canvas and the blossom of an idea – just who was Robert Johnson’s muse. Though the story is short, there are no wasted lines, the pace is quick, the language conversational. This work is an excellent sampling of Kim Wells’s southern tinged magical style. Within a few short pages, Kim Wells introduces an entire mythos that leaves the reader wanting for more tales of the Summer Queen. I read this story over my morning coffee with Robert Johnson strumming on the stereo and took pause to let my mind wander with the imagery Kim gave me. This is that kind of short – the kick start your creative heart kinda story – the kind that energizes the mind and incites the create process, and I highly recommend, let Mrs. Johnson be your Muse.

The Legendarium – A Modern Allegory

The Legendarium – A Modern Allegory
My review of The Legendarium by Michael Bunker and Kevin G. Summers
LegendariumBy combining magical realism, science fiction, and satire into one tome, Kevin Summers and Michael Bunker have delivered a powerful vehicle for metaphor and interpretation. The Legendarium is `a metaphysical library that exists at the nexus of the multiverse, at the point where all stories intersect.’ That means that every story ever conceived or that will be conceived, resides there, and if by chance a story is altered or removed, the timeline in all dimensions is in turn altered. And who do we have to preserve the Legendarium? None other than the imperfect creative writing teacher Alistair Foley, and the bumbling Bombo Dawson.
Not all is subtle in the Legendarium. The work is rife with blatant questions of aesthetics; What makes a work of writing literature? Does a traditionally published work out weigh an indie published story? Questions expected from two of Indie publishing’s best selling authors. Yet these questions are a bait to readers, to mask a greater message, and that is that stories, regardless of label, connect with readers, and without that connection, the reader is the lesser, and in turn the world lesser too.Legendarium Signed
As Bombo and Alistair stumble through the literary works of the Legendarium, we are given a view of a world that could have been. A moral lesson into why no story, indie or otherwise, should be swept under the rug. I give this story five stars, not because this is a great follow up in the Bombo Dawson franchise, (it is), and not because of the long list of literary name drops, (which it has), and not because of the impeccable language (because it has not). I give this story five stars because, through the eyes of two fools and a gentle poke at our literary heroes, we are reminded that throughout history stories have influenced the world, and touched us as well.

Amazing Times

During the ‘after school’ window – when the kids are having snacks, and the chances of writing nil – is when I tackle some of my author homework – Russell Blake’s latest entry has some interesting tidbits – particularly I like the reminder that ‘everyone is supportive of each other regardless of the stage of their career.  One of the reasons might be because we’ve all been alive long enough to have learned that you meet all the same people going up as you do coming back down’ – 2013 was more profitable for me in dollars and rankings – 2014 in relationships I have made and what I have learned, I am excited to see what 2015 will bring.

Click here to read Russell Blake’s end of year post – Amazing Times.

AGROLAND is in the Top 10 in Mystery, Thriller, Suspense on Amazon!

AGROLAND is in the Top 10 in Mystery, Thriller, Suspense on Amazon!

* * * * * 
This new edition Agroland edited by Crystal Watanabe has propelled into the top 20 of several Kindles charts including Dark Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal, Adventure, and others.  Discover the Supernatural Adventure UK readers have made an International Best Seller.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.37.40 AM

Crystal Watanabe – A Testimonial to my Editor

I work with the philosophy that the reader is right. Not everything I write—not every word, phrase, or reference—makes the journey to the reader in the first draft, a test being that if I need to explain or justify my clause, then I have failed. As a teller of tales, my task is to convey a story in the clearest possible way, and Crystal Watanabe is an excellent partner in reaching that goal. Her technical prowess alone is a benefit to any manuscript, correcting the commas or those pesky sound alike words the word processors never catch. What I find surpasses her technical skill is her ability to ‘be the audience,’ the beta-reader, my litmus test for what works and what simply does not. Too many hours tapping keys in a void creates a world that is not always clear. Crystal brought polish to my work to ensure that I not only meant what I wrote, but that I wrote what I meant, and that I did so in a way that my intended audience would understand and enjoy. She did not alter my work, instead she asked questions, suggested phrasing, and offered alternative words more appropriate to my target audience, all while treating my work with the greatest respect.

She communicates easily and openly, pairs professionalism with a quirky frankness, and brings enthusiasm along with criticism. She is a true author’s friend.

I initially asked Crystal to leverage her skills to assist me in improving flow, clarity, and pacing, moving toward as polished and professional a work as possible. She has succeeded on multiple projects and I greatly anticipate working with her in the future.

If you’re interested in learning about Crystal and her work with other authors, as well as the fansites jabberjays.net and enderwiggen.net, check out her portfolio, or to pick up a copy of her fabulous cookbook, Yum-Yum Bento Box, head to her site Adventures in Bento Making.