The Somali Deception – Coming Soon

I am on the edge of my seat!  News stories, blockbuster Tom Hanks movies on the horizon and the general public knowing the word Somali.  The next Cameron Kincaid adventure THE SOMALI DECEPTION has been finished for quite some time and I am itching all over to share this novel with all of the readers out there that have enjoyed THE CATHARI TREASURE.  I know, I know, I have been tweeting and posting that the next adventure is coming soon for quite some time.  Like everything else in business, and writing is my business, there is a process to releasing a new adventure.

If you wonder what the process is let me break the steps down.

  • FIRST READER draft copy distribution – Digital proof copies of THE SOMALI DECEPTION have been sent to FIRST READERS to provide feedback, early reviewers, and editors.  (If you are interested in a digital FIRST READER copy there is still time – email
  • Proposals issued to selects Literary Agencies – Due to the success of the preceding Cameron Kincaid adventure in the UK, proposals have been distributed to Literary Agents that can best represent this project in the US, the UK, and abroad.
  • Artwork creation – Whether or not THE SOMALI DECEPTION is picked up by a large or small press, success comes from happy readers and quality marketing collateral.
  • Audiobook Production – THE SOMALI DECEPTION audiobook is being produced in tandem with the digital and print copies for neat release.
  • Marketing Release Plan – Create a subtle social media release plan
  • Final Edit – Incorporate all of those tiny edits and the FIRST READER feedback to make this Cameron Kincaid adventure more enjoyable than the last.

Of course many other tiny things need to happen before the general release of the next Cameron Kincaid from formatting to scheduling, etc, etc.

If you want a heads up on when a release date is finally announced email and I will add you to the my new mailing list.